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EASA AAN x NAPA GAP Initiative Praxis Awards Speakers Feature - Shared screen with speaker view
AAN Host
adam koons
perhaps folks who signed up and could not get on could be directed to the recording
Dan Podjed, EASA AAN
yes, we can do it
Cathleen Crain, National Association of Practicing Anthropologis
National Association for the Practice of Anthropology (NAPA): www.practicinganthropology.org
Robert Winthrop
I'm struck by Olive Minor's point that much of her work on Ebola involved de-emphasizing exotic cultural explanations in favor of recognizing an everyday logic shaping villagers' responses to the disease and public health interventions. All this makes good sense. My question for Dr. Minor and other presenters: as anthropologists have we done too much to highlight distinctive cultural logics? In many applied contexts, does this lead governmental and NGO officials to a more sophisticated version of blame the victim?
Matt Artz
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Suzanne Heurtin-Roberts
Question for Adam. It seems there were many and various stakeholders in the project. It was pretty complex. Were there conflicts among stakeholders, and how did you resolve these?
Matt Artz
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Nayanika Mookherjee
Here is the website for the graphic novel and animation film: https://www.ethical-testimonies-svc.org.uk/how-to-cite/
Abby Vidmar
Thank you everyone! These projects and presentations are fascinating and deeply important! I have to dip out here now.
Cathleen Crain, National Association of Practicing Anthropologis
A theme across the work discussed is defining complex issues and the challenges of responding effectively to the particular issue. For all presenters, how did you communicate the need to go beyond the "band aid" to policymakers and funders?
Olive Minor
I felt like I was seeing a lot of blaming "culture" in Liberia and Sierra Leone.
Cathleen Crain, National Association of Practicing Anthropologis
Or saying it's too complex and we don't have time/resources!
Olive Minor
thanks everyone!